Fostering Saves Lives
Foster Application

Why foster for Central Paws?

 Fostering literally saves lives.  By opening your home to a homeless dog, you are giving them the only chance they have at getting adopted – and sometimes survival!  

Central Paws provides food, collar, leash and any medical care your foster dog requires – and we also offer our full support.

We have strict adoption protocols and take great care in finding the ideal forever home for your foster, so you can feel comfortable (and very happy) when your foster moves to their new family.

Frequently Asked Questions
How Do I Start The Process?
All you need to do is complete our foster application honestly and completely. We will reach out to you to arrange a home check with one of our volunteers, answer any questions you may have and determine the best type of dog for your situation. After everything is reviewed, we will reach out to you when a suitable dog comes into care.
How Much Does Fostering Cost?

There is no cost to foster

We supply food, collar, leash and all necessary veterinary care. You supply the love and safety they need until they are adopted

What Is the Difference Between Fostering and Adopting?

With fostering, you’re giving a loving and safe home to a puppy/dog that otherwise would be homeless or injured. We supply you with all the necessary items and vet care you need to care for a foster until they are adopted and move on to their forever home… at which time you will probably be called upon for another dog in need. 

With Adoption you pay the adoption fee and the animal is now yours forever! All supplies not included!

What if there is an emergency with the foster dog?
Part of your new foster package will include information about where to go and who to contact if there is an emergency with your foster. All fosters are expected to be able to get their foster to an animal hospital in an emergency.